A Good Start

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The ice, snow, and cold weather are gone and our trucks are rolling out for the start of Sidewalk Sonday School’s spring semester. Seeing the children and feeling their excitement always encourages us as another semester gets under way. This spring we are teaching a series called “Faith Works” which helps the kids understand where faith comes from and how to build their faith in God. The life story focuses on a community of robots who wrestle against the evil Mr. Rust (the devil) as they try to find the stolen Instruction Manual (the Bible). At the end of the first week’s lesson at Western Heights, one of our little six year old girls came up and hugged Janice and said, “Mrs. Janice, I LOVE Sonday School! Cause you teach us about God.” She was unable to contain her enthusiasm! Children’s reactions like that are what have kept us going for twenty (20) years.

While visiting the children, we also noticed there was something else on their minds—CAMP! Those who went last year started asking, “Are we going to camp this year?” When we respond, “Why, yes you are,” the screams and excitement hit another level. Keep in mind that it is only March but they are thinking camp (June). For children who live in Knoxville’s urban communities, camp is like getting to spend a few days in heaven. Listening to them tell other kids about camp is always interesting. They talk about swimming, games they played, and other events that are exciting, but one of the most often talked about part of camp is the food! “We get to eat three times every day at camp!” It’s hard to imagine that in our city there are children who get that excited about eating what most of us take for granted—three meals a day. Camp has a profound impact on many of the kids’ spiritual lives. Camp is that special place where God meets them in a safe place, surrounded by caring Christian adults who want them to experience His presence.

Lives are being changed every week in Sonday School. We need your help to make sure that continues. Will you become a monthly sponsor of Sonday School?

Each summer, we take the children to camp and you make that possible too by sponsoring kids. The cost to sponsor a child to camp is $150, but the result of encountering Jesus at camp is priceless! Please click here to give online or mail your gift to: KICKO, PO Box 14487, Knoxville, TN 37914.

After 20 years the best is still ahead,

Bill Clark
Co-Founder, Executive Director

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