Christmas is all about giving!

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Winston Churchill once said, “We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give.” This Christmas, KICKO is doing something that will not only bring more joy to a precious life, but will also put a few more stars in a child’s eyes. For 20 years, KICKO has been putting on a Christmas experience that a child would not soon forget, and the common lesson has been the same every year. This lesson, which is based off of John 3:16, has the powerful message that is uplifting to hear: Christmas is all about giving. In John 3:16, it discusses that God gave His only Son to the world so that people may be freed from sin. Since God did something as tremendous as giving His only Son to free people from sin, then it should be reflected in human actions to give back as well, just as the Father did.

This KICKO event will be taking place during the first three weeks of December. It is essentially the biggest time for the communities that KICKO reaches. Since Christmas is all about giving, it can be expected that sometimes it can be rough to give back with so little. This is where KICKO steps in.

At all 10 locations that KICKO’s Sonday School takes place, there will be a time where KICKO gives a little joy back to the children that attend. KICKO will be handing out wrapped gifts to the kids, each gift around $10 per gift. The KICKO van that shows up for Sidewalk Sonday School will be accompanied by another truck, the sleigh, carrying all the presents. This image of the sleigh will not only excite the kids, but will also paint the true picture of Christmas by reiterating the message of giving.


KICKO expects about 1,500 kids to participate in this experience. The attendance of children that come has been slowly growing as the years tick by. KICKO first started this Christmas event at the Walter P. Taylor Homes Sonday School location, and even to this day that location is still being used to serve this vision.

If you would like to get involved, you can go online to KICKO’s website,, and click on ‘Volunteer.’ From there, you will be guided on how to get involved with KICKO’s amazing work. If you are looking for the Christmas schedule and ways to help, click on ‘About,’ and then click on ‘Christmas @ KICKO.’ KICKO appreciates any prayers and words of support as they work to make this Christmas event special and unique for the inner-city children.

Abbey Whitaker
Johnson University


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