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On the crisp evening of October 14th, kids anxiously gathered around a nearby street at the Green Hill apartment complex in Knoxville. In the Green Hill area, it is evident that little ministry work has been done, even though Green Hills is bustling with people of all ages. There was a recent fire in the Green Hills apartment complex that displaced more than 24 families and left several families struggling to get by. Over 70% of the kids living in Green Hills are on either free or reduced lunches at school, and the spiritual and emotional need of this community screams just as loud as the physical. Although it may look rough from the outside, the people of the area are quite God-fearing and friendly.


KICKO started off the evening with loud music and tons of crowd interaction to get the kiddos motivated and energized. The age range of kids who attended the Green Hills KICKO event ranged from ages 3-13. All the kids were on their feet and ready to start the lesson.

The staff working on the Green Hills KICKO event started off the lesson with a countdown that helped the kids focus in on what was going on. Since the street they were on was so busy, the level of obedience that had to be taught at Green Hills was crucial.

After pledging allegiance to both the American flag and the Christian flag, Green Hills had memory verse challenges that got the crowd extremely involved. Every kid was quite peppy that day, although the girls did dominate the boys in terms of number and excitement.

The whole lesson and the mannerisms of the day was precisely kid-focused. “Sit down on your sitter” was a phrase often used by the staff in order to get the children listening and paying attention. This simple command exemplifies the fact that the staff at Green Hills knows how to target the crowd and relate to them on their own terms.

The focus of the lesson that day was on 1st Timothy 1:17. The kids spent a few minutes memorizing the verse and then going into detail with how that verse applies to their life. The kids were happy to learn even the littlest of detail from that bible verse. The very nature of the verse helped both the kids and the staff narrate on how it could be applied to their life at Green Hills.

There is one word that can describe this day at KICKO: awesome. From start to finish, KICKO truly showed that even on the most broken territory God can shine through. The name Jesus was exemplified heavily that day at KICKO, and it is clear that every KICKO event Green Hills has portrays that much power in the name of Jesus Christ.

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