When Toys are Tools

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Toys are tools in God’s hand at Christmas—I’ve heard Bill Wilson, founder of Metro Ministries in New York say that many times. Children may come to Sidewalk Sonday School to receive a toy, but they leave with so much more! We not only bring a wrapped Christmas gift for each child who attends Sonday School, but we also teach them the real meaning of Christmas. You see Christmas is all about giving, not getting. It all started when God the Father gave His very best gift to all of mankind—His own Son, Jesus, sent to earth as a ransom for all.

In just a few weeks we will begin teaching our Christmas lesson for the twentieth (20th) time! As I think about Christmas this year, I can’t help but reflect back to our first Christmas in 1995. Who would have thought that those two Christmas outreaches would ultimately become the springboard to what today is multiple Sidewalk Sonday Schools every week. I ran across some photos from that first Christmas and as we looked at the children’s faces the memories came back like a flood. Some of those children now send their children to Sonday School! What an amazing twenty years it has been.

First Christmas-1-2

This year will you help provide toys (the tools) for God to reach a generation who desperately need to know that He loves them? Each wrapped Christmas present has a value of at least $10 dollars. You can give one or more children a toy and also provide them the priceless opportunity to hear about God’s greatest gift—Jesus.

Send your tax deductible gift to the address on the side or donate online today. Help make Christmas special for one, five, ten or even more children right here in Knoxville so they can experience the love of God in a very tangible way. Bill Wilson also says, “It’s better to make boys and girls than to repair men and women.” Molding children’s hearts and minds is a powerful way to bring lasting change to our urban communities. Thank you for helping us reach every kid for Christ.

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