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Volunteers are vital to our ability to fulfill KICKO’s mission. So we are constantly seeking those who God has called to help as a volunteer. We often say, you don’t even have to know how to teach, you just need to care about kids. Some of our volunteers are students (usually college students, i.e. Johnson University or UT). But earlier this year we had a young man who wanted to help with Sidewalk Sonday School who was only 10 years old. We met Will and his mother Diane Closser at Cedar Springs Presbyterian Church during their annual mission conference. Diane says it was definitely a “God thing” that they attended one of the conference mini sessions to see what KICKO was about. Will came away from the session wanting to get involved. Diane and Will started volunteering at the Haslam Boys & Girls Club site during the spring 2014 semester.

Will attends the Webb School of Knoxville (last year in the fourth grade). Diane told us that his principal is very supportive of Will’s desire to volunteer with KICKO. Webb School places a strong emphasis on community service and seeks to develop students who are focused on leadership, respect and responsibility. The school encourages its students to get involved in the community and give back, especially to those less fortunate.

Not long after Diane and Will started volunteering with KICKO, Diane told us, “Will loves it!” So we were really delighted when she recently told us that he wants to continue his commitment this fall. But then Diane shared something that happened last semester and really touched her (as it did us).

From Left to Right: Mrs. Carolyn & Will (holding posters)

On one of the Fridays she and Will went to help with Sonday School, a small boy (maybe five or six years old) approached Diane. He asked her, “Is Will your son?” Of course she told him, “Yes, he is.” Then he asked the question that spoke volumes to her, “Why does he come here?” Diane responded that “he comes because he loves you kids and he loves Jesus and wants to help you get to know Jesus too.” The little boy looked up at Diane through his big eyes and emphasized, “Yeah, but he comes every week!

In a world where children don’t feel valued, the fact that a young man (not that much older than himself) chooses to come and give his time week after week really stood out to this little guy! I have heard it said many times, “The love of God is better felt than telt.” By coming every week Will made a statement to at least one little boy that he is “worth my time.” We all have many demands and have to make choices on where we will spend our time. There is no better use of yours or my time than to say to a child (through our choices) that “you are valuable and worth every minute I spend with you!”

We still need more volunteers at Sonday School. You don’t even have to know how to teach. Our fall 2014 schedule is online at kicko.org. Pick a site on a day that fits your schedule and join with Will and Diane as we all seek to make a difference in the life of a child! Call (865) 523-4956 or email info@kicko.org to volunteer.

The best is still to come,

Bill Clark

Co-Founder, Executive Director

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